About Us

Two guys from different walks of life, but sharing one passion... saving turtles.

One loves fashion and living for a cause, the other is a conservationist who has always loved turtles. When we wanted to create an apparel line that had conversation for our mutual love, turtles, at its forefront, we created UPSAINT.

UPSAINT is a company that not only provides fashion forward apparel, but was born to help giving baby turtles a clean ocean to grow old in. UPSAINT born to conserve.

6 of the 7 species of sea turtles are considered threatened or endangered and it's due to human action and our dependency on plastic. Plastic that unfortunately, makes its way back to the ocean. 

Each shirt is made from recycled plastic water bottles to reduce plastic waste. The buttons are crafted from coconut shells instead of standard plastic buttons that's on virtually every other button down shirt on the market.