SLJ 2.0


New and improved with a royal blue color.

Wearing UPSAINT shirts isn’t just about looking on point. It’s about saving the planet and baby turtles too. Made from plastic bottles and coconut buttons, The SLJ 2.0 is a sustainable shirt that helps reduce waste and saves baby turtles from choking on plastics that are dumped in our oceans. 

It’s more than a shirt. It’s style with a conscience. #micdrop 


  1. Wear with pride. 
  2. Be the hero in your squad. 
  3. Slay at the beach. 
  4. Up your Netflix and Chill game.
  5. Stay LIT at the club.
  6. Tell all your friends you’re like Harrison Ford or something. 
“But bro, I’ve got like infinity shirts already” - we hear you. But seriously, you can never have enough shirts. Especially when they help save the planet, right?
Why guys wear it:
  • Bold as brass
  • Softer than a baby seals behind 
  • Perfect stretch comfort
  • 100% FLEX-able
  • Moisture-wicking, no sweat bro
  • 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Helps support cleaning our ocean and gives turtles a clean home to grow old in
  • Plastic-free, sustainable coconut buttons

Modeled by our buddy, Chris. He's an entrepreneur and all around dope dude. He's 5'11 and wears a Medium. 

Ships from sunny Phoenix, AZ 🌴☀️. Orders should arrive at most US destinations in 4-5 business days.